Monday, May 31, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen may I present Anouk:

I'm very happy with the end result. I am really hoping my friend comes to visit the job tomorrow so I can give it to her. I found the cutest buttons for it too:

Oddly enough the shoulder button ended up reversed. The button hole is on the back strap instead of the front, but it works just fine. I'd love to know exactly how I managed it though. You'll also notice that I only have one pocket. My husband was the first one to say one was enough. He felt that two was "too busy". I thought about it while I was finishing up and asked my best friend Maribel's opinion and she agreed. So I went with one pocket and I really like it that way. Next time I make it (and I will as soon as I find another girl baby to make it for) I may do it with 2 pockets, hell I might even get the button hole on the right strap, but I really love it just the way it is..