Saturday, July 09, 2011

Put the blame on Susan

Seriously, its all her fault. I had pretty much planned to kill the damn blog and Ms Labradorable tells me she misses my blogging. When your spiritual twin says such things you must listen.

To top it off she threatened to stop blogging herself a few weeks back and I stupidly said something to the effect of, "oh don't do that, I'll try to blog if you will" .

So here we are.

Thankfully there is actual knitting to discuss. A dear, dear friend of mine is getting married in August. She and her partner have been together 35 years and in that time the world has begun to catch up with what they already knew, love knows no limitations. This is a problem for a wedding guest however. Obviously they don't need a toaster. What to get this amazing couple to show I understand the weight and meaning of this momentous event.

Oh yes of course, an afghan:

The Nature in Natural Afghan from Lion Brand to be precise (that's a Ravelry link since Lion Brand's site is such a pain in the ass to get into).

I'm on what feels like square eleventyseven but is actually just plain old 7.

As Roe said on my Facebook page, "it is truly a hell of my own making when I cast one on". So, so very true. There are 2 1/2 squares to go and then two insanely long strips and of course then its putting the damn thing together. I have four weeks until the wedding. What do you think the odds are of me actually finishing in time?

Yet another blow to the myth of knitting as a form of relaxation.