Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Anouk is chugging along nicely. I seem to have done ok adjusting the pattern for the Microspun. It actually seems a bit big, I'm doing th sixth month size, but when it comes to babies that's what you want. I finished the first side and 1 pocket, I couldn't wait to try the duplicate stitch.

It's looking pretty good:

I finally got the hang of the duplicate stitch by the leaves (of course) it is easier than intarsia, particularly for a small thing like this.

I have mixed feelings about the way the pattern is written. Following it everything is coming out beautifully, but there have been times when I was really unclear as to where I was going. I think it just requires an intuitiveness that I am not used to. That being said I love the design and the ease with which it is working up. I also have to say it attracts a lot of attention when I am KIPing. People love the colors and the look of it. I can't wait to finish. The intended recipient, our former trade book manager, is coming to visit next week with her beautiful new daughter. I'm thrilled that I can give it to her in person.