Monday, July 30, 2007

Rinaldo won't let me see movies in Manhattan anymore...'s not my fault! Really! I mentioned last week that we had an incident where the ticket taker didn't believe Avery was 11. Now I was really nice to that guy, I understood his dilemma but I held my ground and he let it go. Yesterday I wasn't so nice.

I took Avery and few friends to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at IMAX. This was what he wanted to do instead of having a party. I bought the tickets online nice and early. We got there about 15 minutes before the show started. At that point the other adult went to the bathroom and I got on the popcorn line. Once we got inside the movie had already begun and we didn't see any seats. My friend Leslie went to go find an usher, we realized we couldn't sit together but at least they could find us seats with a flashlight. I started to become concerned however when I saw a couple people sitting on the steps and a number of people standing against the back wall. The usher came and offered us a refund. He never even looked for seats for us. I explained that I didn't want a refund, it was my son's birthday and this is how we invited his friends to celebrate with us. He said we could stay but there was nothing he could do to help us.

The last row had 2 empty spaces between every 4 seats for wheelchairs. We made ourselves at home and sat on the floor. About 30 minutes later another usher comes in and tells us that we can't sit on the floor. I ask him to step outside and explain to him that they oversold the theater and I was going to sit where I damn well pleased so I could see the movie I paid for. He said that was impossible, "we don't do that". I told him I bought six tickets, he was more than welcome to find me six seats. He called his boss who told him they had in fact oversold and we could sit where we liked as long as were weren't blocking the aisles.

The kids were great about it and we enjoyed the movie. Regardless I was still furious. As soon as it was over I went to the ticket booth and complained to the manager. I then explained that I expected him to give me free passes to a movie for a later time so I while I told the parents who entrusted their kids to me that they had to sit on the floor for two and half hours at least I could say the next movie they see is on AMC. He of course gave me the passes. I can be very persuasive when I want to be. Due to this latest incident whoever, Rinaldo says I am having a bad streak at Manhattan theaters so I need to stay away from them for awhile.

Swallowtail and I were not getting along. I would miss at least one yarn over every 4th row or so. It was driving me nuts! I ripped it out and I cast on for Rinaldo's Dalek:

The pattern is a little intense, not because it's complex, it's fairly simple but you must pay attention to the row you are on. Each row has different stitches. I'm starting to get the rhythm of it though so I'm sure it'll will be easier as I go along. I'm just happy that it already feels pretty damn Dalek-y to me.

Off to bed!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is it Thursday already?

This month has completely flown by me. After my birthday we had inventory and the July 4th holiday. Then I was away on vacation. I came back and jumped right in with the kids' camp routine and work having me snowed under. Then Monday and Tuesday we were off to celebrate Avery's birthday. We planned a trip to Sesame place on Monday but the weather was horrid so we went on Tuesday. Back to work yesterday and now the week is nearly gone.

I completely screwed up the planning for Avery's birthday festivities with friends. I still haven't officially invited at least 2 kids. I haven't really cleaned my house since just before we went to Virginia. I missed a blogger meet-up 10 minutes from my house in the Botanical Gardens with Sharon because I was in such a daze from Friday's Harry Potter activities (finished the book by the way, it so rocked but I am so going to miss those characters). I missed Risa's birthday. I haven't worked on the Knit Blogger's Ring in two weeks. I am a complete mess.

I do have some finished objects to show off amazingly enough. I did manage to finish Rinaldo's book scarf before he finished Harry:

It's pretty cute I'd love to make another but I really hated making it. I'm toying with a one sided version. Hell maybe I'll be really blasphemous and do a garter stitch version, flat. We'll see.

Last night I finished my Loksins:
I am very pleased with them. I love the way the colors work with the pattern, not that you can tell by this picture. I wish it were cooler so I could actually wear them.

I brought swallowtail with me to start on the train but to do a provisional cast on one needs scrap yarn. Somehow I forgot that. I do have yarn in my office (are you really surprised) so I should be able to cast on today anyway.

I spent a fantastic day at Kathleen's this past Sunday. It was her birthday and she had her own knitters' get together. It was a lot of fun and the kids and husband had a blast too. Of course Rinaldo's number 1 fan was there so he got to bask in the glow of her admiration, lol. I got to hang with Kathleen's mom Sue, who I like much more than Kathleen;). Granny of Granny's Shop was there as well as another knitting friend of Kathleen's Marilyn and Ann's buddy Ricki. Her husband Kevin was chef extraordinaire and was kind enough to cook something that I would eat, I'm such a pain in the ass when it comes to food.

I think I'll go work on the ring now, of course I could do the work I'm getting paid to do but where's the fun in that!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday Boy!

Today my eldest is 12 years old, he started out pretty cute: fact he kept getting cuter:
He was always a mama's boy:
...until he found more interesting things to keep him occupied:
He's turning into a very handsome young man:
...with a good sense of humor:
Happy birthday Avery!

Avery looks so damn old we actually had trouble getting into the Harry Potter movie on Friday since I had bought the tickets online and ordered him an under 12 ticket. We never did convince the guy he was 11 he just gave up after awhile. He said 11 year old's don't have hair on their legs;)

Friday, July 20, 2007

This week has thrown me for a loop. It's taken me until today to feel like I have things under control or lie to myself enough to believe it anyway.

I thought I would take a few minutes to show you the goodies that I got for myself at Knitting Sisters.

First up I picked up some Noro Iro:

Rinaldo posed the yarn for the picture. Is it obvious that I bought it to make a Lady Detective Hat? I fell in love with Gina's and now I want my own. I figured it was a good souvenir yarn.

I also picked up a tote bag (since I can never have enough bags):

It's my bag of the week. I also bought a hat (I like hats too, ok?):

I have not finished my Loksins. I promised Rinaldo he would have a book scarf for the new Harry Potter book. Here is where I am at 2:40 PM:

The good news is I will be on line at Maribel's store starting at 7 so that's a good 5 hours to work on it. The bad news is that knitting embroidery floss on # 1 dpns is like knitting dental floss on toothpicks. It. Drives. Me. Insane. Hope springs eternal. Of course Maribel should put me in a chair and put copies of Charmed Knits next to me to make me part of the show, lol.

Have a great weekend all! Potter-full for those who want it to be and Potter-free for those who don't.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Miss me...

...I'm back!

At least physically, mentally I am far from it. Vacation was great but the weekend was spent recovering and Monday completely threw me for a loop. It was the first day back at work plus the first day of camp for both boys. Avery severely injured his toe, on the first day! So he stayed home today. Ian had a meltdown when he realized that he had to stay at camp without his dad. When I picked him up they said he had fun and he told me he had fun but now he swears he won't go back (he goes 3 days a week so today he was off). I think I spent more time dropping off and picking up the kids than I did at my desk. Today's been a little better, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tonight I take Rinaldo out for his birthday. We're going to see Patty LuPone in Gypsy so that should be fun. Plus a little dinner before hand. A rare night out for the two of us, definitely something to look forward to.

As for a vacation report. I'll start slow today with the knitterly stuff. While in Williamsburg I visiting a lovely yarn shop called the Knitting Sisters:
It was located in this cute little mall called Village Shops. It was very quaint and it was a crafter's dream. There was a bead shop, a needlepoint shop and a quilting shop all right near each other. I didn't explore too much of the rest but I did visit the wine and cheese shop which was great.

Knitting Sisters was a really nice store. It was huge compared to what I'm used to here in the city:

...and even Rinaldo loved the way they showed off some of the store sample sweaters, although they admitted they stayed up there a long time since it was a pain to get up there:
I haven't taken a picture of my purchases yet but you can get a bit of a preview over at Maribel's where she shows off the gifts I got her for housesitting.

There was some excitement the first day. While at Busch Gardens toward the end of the day I was looking for the park map in my bag and I impaled myself with my one of my #2 dpns. It went almost completely through my hand. I could see it nearly poking through the back. Thankfully it didn't quite make it. It barely bled but man it freaked me out. I was completely light headed, faint and nauseous. I know it was really my reaction to seeing it rather than the actual wound. This is what it looked like the next day:

You can barely see it. The muscle hurts a little still but only in the outstretched position. I have to admit though I couldn't pick up my needles for a few days after that. Poor Loksins aren't finished yet because of it. I am happy to say my needles and I have made up now and I've turned the heel on the second sock so all is well.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation Eve

Today is my last day of work for a week. If last Friday meant nothing to me, today means everything! We leave for Williamsburg, VA on Sunday. Two days at Busch Gardens and Water World then Avery and I split from the rest of the family. Rinaldo and his cousin want to do a third day at the park. Avery and I want to go to Colonial Williamsburg (why else am I going to Williamsburg?) so we'll go ourselves.

I've already scouted out a yarn shop. Knitting Sisters is 15 minutes from where we are staying. Any other recommendations?

I finshed my first Loksins, finally;) it is without the flash so you can see the gorgeous pattern stitches:
Can I tell you how much I love this sock? I really, really love it. It's pretty, the pattern is easy, very straightforward and quick. I'm saving the second one for my car ride down to VA. It will keep me busy for six hours easily. It's so nice to be the non-driver in the family!

Everyone have a great week. Posting will be sporadic at best next week. It will probably be closer to non-existent. Try not to miss me too much;)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Inventory knocked me out. Unlike some people, I am not used to giving up my weekends for this place. Thankfully now it's done. I have a day off tomorrow and then two more days until vacation!

I thought at this point I would revisit my goals to Knit from the Stash and read books Off the Shelf.

Nearly every project I knit from January to June I knit from stash. The three exceptions were:

Anastasia socks, made with gifted STR.
The washcloth/soap sack combo gift. I bought a ball of kitchen cotton for that.
The Soy Wool hat, made with the free yarn from the Harlot's Represent event.

All in all 19 balls/skeins were used from stash. Of course last week I added a number of skeins in the birthday celebrations but overall I'm pretty happy with the dent I made. I also have learned that I am more productive when I keep to one project at a time. I don't know that I can always do that but it's interesting as I would have thought the reverse was true. I've been pretty monogamous this year and I've already completed 20 projects. Last year I did something like 25 in 12 months. I also realized how much fun it is to actually make a project that I planned for. I pulled yarn out of stash that I had bought with specific things in mind and then I made them. How different is that? ;)

Off the Shelf has not gone as well. I think I read 5 books off my shelf and everything else has been purchased. I discovered at least 2 new series this year which led to my downfall. I read the first in each series and then ran out and bought the remaining titles. We won't even discuss Book Expo. At least those were free. My freebie shelf at work is once again busting at the seams as are my bookshelves at home. I'm a book junkie, there is no help for me...

Loksins is going well. I'm halfway through the foot and toe decreases are in the near future. It's very comforting going in the right direction again;)