Friday, May 14, 2004

The new bootie pattern is going much better. I am using this pattern. I do find the dpns rather cumbersome on such a small item, but they are coming out very nicely. Hopefully I can get my digital camera working again this weekend and I can put up pictures. The picture of the mutant bootie is actually from my scanner. It came out pretty well though.

I am also more than halfway done on my Critter Knitter blanket. I haven't been working on it in the evenings as much as I would like (the booties have been for the subway). I think it will be done tonight. If I do finish, then I will work on the second bootie this weekend, since I hope to finish the first on the train home. Then and only then will I cast on for Anouk. I am hoping that all my math is solid. The yarn cries every time I pick up something else. I really have to dive in on this one. I am toying with making it a size bigger than I planned since that may help if I have figured too small. One of the great things about babies (of which there are many great things) is that they keep growing!

I also did some yarn shopping this morning. Handknitting.Com was having a sale on sock yarn. So I bought some of this in dark grey (#1029) and some of this in the Royal and Gray Denim (#9099). So when it arrives I can make this:

I think this is the cutest sweater and Ian will look so adorable in it! There is absolutely no mother bias in that statement at all, it's just a simple fact ;)

Oh well I have to get back to the Danish Wedding webcast. I love a prince who finds his princess in a bar! Definitely my kind of people....