Monday, May 17, 2004

I guess I am just not a small gauge kinda gal. The bootie took me all week. Most booties take me a day each at most. I finished the first one in the car on Sunday (more on where I was going in a minute).

Here is bootie number 1:

I like it, it's cute, but it is not in the running to be my favorite bootie pattern. Once I finish it I will try one of the ones recommended to me by Chari or Natalie, since I still have one more set to make.

I finished my first Critter Knitter blanket late last night. I may drop it off at the Knit Out at Central Park on Sunday. I'm just not sure I'll make it since that is the day we take the kids to visit my mother. It depends on how early we get to the hospital. If I don't get there I will hold on to the blanket awhile longer since I hope to make 2 more. This way I can send them all together.

Where was I going on Sunday? To buy this:

My digital camera wasn't able to charge anymore so I needed a new one. It's a breeze to hook up to the computer and upload the pictures from. I took the bootie picture with it late last night, it's a bit dark but pretty good. I have to play with it more to see what it can do.

My husband thought the urgency was quite funny, since he knew the only reason I was in such a rush to get a new one was because of the blog. What can I say...I couldn't blog without pictures now could I?