Monday, May 10, 2004

Not About Knitting!

It was an interesting Mother's Day. My mother, who was still working at the end of April, could no longer get out of bed as of yesterday. I gave her morphine and percocet (at separate times) and there was still too much pain. I of course had planned a small party (very informal due to her health). Her sister was coming, my cousin, two of her best friends and my family as well. So I bathed her, dressed her, changed the bed with her still in it and told her screw it we would have the party in her room. I set up chairs and everyone had a great time.

Today I needed to arrange for her to go into the hospital for hospice care. I know she isn't really ready emotionally or mentally but it's not safe for her at home. She lives alone. I am at least a half hour away. I can only come by twice a day. We have no other family and the home hospice care is only 4 hours a day. Enter the HMOs. I spoke to the nurse in charge of the hospice and she said she would try to get her approved. I then received a call from the nurse assigned to the case. She was calling me concerned (thinking I had not been there all weekend) because of her condition. When I explained what I had been doing she said that the head nurse had not been able to get through to the HMO and that her suggestion was to call 911 have them come take her and put her in the hospital. At that point it would force the issue because they aren't allowed to send her home to an unsafe environment. The hospice is right across the street from the hospital and she would be moved there.

So I agreed and then had to explain this to my mother. I think that was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but it is the best thing I am sure. So I am going to leave work soon, pick up some things at her house and meet her at the hospital.

Oh yeah I have my knitting!