Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Plethora of FOs

Ok, a plethora may be just a bit of an exageration but I do indeed have some FOs to show off.
Coming up first, Tashie's socks:

Look there's two of them, aren't you impressed. Rinaldo looked at the second one on the train going home last night and said, "you're actually going to finish the second sock, are you feeling ok?" Ha ha ha, he's so very funny...

...and because I've owed you these for awhile here is Rinaldo's scarf:

It came out exactly like he wanted it to. It's not quite cold enough to start wearing it yet so I finished way ahead of schedule!

Here is my multidirectional scarf that used Laurel:

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that I wore it on the Knitting Cruise but here it is in all it's glory. I wear it whenever I can, hell I'm wearing it right now. It goes great with my denim jacket and jeans.

Tisha and I are heading to The Point at lunchtime today. We have 10% off certificates burning holes in out pockets. I'll let you know what we think...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Much fun was had at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend and man there were a ton o' bloggers there. I saw Risa, Cassie, Ann, Cara, Vicki, Lauren (from afar). I ran into Amy at the Spirit Trail booth. I even ran into Nilda's husband Rob who is really friendly and fun to talk to. He is obviously an excellent knit blogger husband.

I had the husband and kids along so I couldn't play with the other bloggers as much as I would have liked. I had planned on flying solo this year but I had a business trip to Ohio late last week and I only got back late on Friday. I thought it would be cruel to abandon them for yet another day. Maybe next year, Ann!

I was a good girl and didn't go overboard with my purchases. I had mentioned earlier that socks will be the gift of choice this holiday season so in that spirit I only bought sock yarn, but oh my what sock yarn it is.

Here is what I picked up at the Spirit Trail booth:

The grey is for a pair of socks for Rinaldo.

I also picked up this at one of the booths. Sorry I can't recall which right now but I'll double check when I get home:

I just love those colors.

And last but not least, over at The Fold, where I hear Cara was making a scene, I picked up some of these:

Socks that Rock!

It was nearly impossible to choose with all the beautiful colorways they had. Go check out what Cara and Ann picked up and you'll understand what I'm talking about. I think if I had found these first I wouldn't have had money left for anything else.

I ended up avoiding Brooks Farms. I would have loved to get something but I really need a specific project to buy for with their yarns. They are too beautiful to sit in the stash.

We stopped at the mall on the way back home to get a bite to eat and let the kids run around a bit. Ian got a Happy Meal, hmm do you think the theme of the bag is a coincidence...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I finished the first of Tashie's socks but I have been slow with the second. Here's a picture of the finished one:

and up close:

Like my twisted cable? I decided to jazz them up just a bit.

I was a good girl and cast on for the second one right away but I just never pick it up. At night I am so tired that if I start to knit while watching TV I end up dozing off. Last week I was taking my laptop on the train to catch up on some of my shows (due to the whole passing out issue at night). It's a frighteningly cool thing to download a show to your laptop from your Tivo and watch it at your leisure, but it does cut into knitting time. This week I have been leaving the laptop at home so I can concentrate on the sock. I have a business trip to Oberlin on Thursday so I am really trying to finish the damn sock and send it off before I go.

The funny thing is somewhere along the way I have decided that socks are the big holiday gift item this year. I do enjoy them and I haven't really stretched my skills much this year. I've done more scarves this year than I have since the first year I started knitting. I think it's time to play with different sock patterns. Then maybe I can feel like I accomplished something.

This gave me a good chuckle, I picked it up from Martha (damn I make it sound like an STD):

Go to Google.

Type in "“(your name) needs."” (Remember to use quotes)

Here are my favorite 6:

Nancy needs help.
Nancy needs to wake up.
Nancy needs to learn the facts.
Nancy needs help choosing snake to breed.
Nancy needs to make sure that her Mom understands Nancy'’s message.
All Nancy needs is to wolf down a three-thousand calorie dessert and bring the silver spoon back to Miles.

I always tell my husband I have needs, I just seem to have been confused as to what they were...have a good one...

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Cruise

Two Sundays ago Maribel, Tisha and I headed down to Manhattan for a day of knitting and relaxing. God knows we all needed it.

Here is the boat we took:

The Cruise was hosted by The Point, which is a yarn shop down here in the Village. I have to admit I haven' t been there yet, but Maribel loved it when she visited. She spent the whole day there. The cruise was a celebration of Knitty's third anniversary and the indomitable Amy Singer was there:

(you can see this picture from the other perspective here on Amy's site)

The waters were a bit choppy for landlubbers such as ourselves but we had decided to stay on the lower deck so it wasn't too bad. The one time we did venture upstairs to check out the auction items (there was a silent auction for Gilda's Club) we could barely stand the boat was swaying so much. It did seem much more lively up there though.

We did head out to the bow of the boat to take in the scenery. Here's Bel and Tisha:

Of course a hungry knitter is never a happy knitter so there were amazing baked goods on hand to keep us occupied between rows:

Honestly it was great fun with good company. A nice respite from the everyday. Of course your really want to know about the goody bags, I know you do, don't deny it. They were slammin':