Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I don't typically follow the crowd but...

100 Things about Me

1- I was born and raised in the Bronx.
2- When I was a kid I was dying to leave, now I never want to.
3- I was the only white kid in school throughout most of my elementary years.
4- I never had a problem with that.
5- It gives me a unique perspective on the world.
6- Both of my parents were completely blind.
7- I didn't live with them until I was 4 years old.
8- I lived with my grandparents, until my grandfather died.
9- I have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful sons.
10-I am glad that I don't have a daughter.
11-Mothers and daughters in my family always have tumultuous relationships.
12-I love my husband very much.
13- Marriage is hard work.
14- Not as hard as I expected it to be.
15- I suspect it is harder for him.
16- Because he's married to me.
17-I can have very severe mood swings.
18- They've gotten much better since I've gotten older.
19- I have a very angry, violent streak.
20- I'm ok with that.
21- I've learned to work with it.
22- I think it makes me stronger.
23-I've know my best friend for 24 years.
24- Our sixth grade teacher sat us next to each other.
25- I don't know how I would have survived without her.
26- I used to think I preferred being friends with men.
27- I realize now I just knew the wrong women.
28- All my closest friends are amazing women.
29- I tend to make and keep one close friend from every phase of my life.
30- I was considered gifted as a child.
31- I was also considered an underachiever.
32- I attended Stuyvesant High School, one of the top schools in NYC.
33- I dropped out in 10th grade.
34- I am a walking contradiction.
35- I love that about myself.
36- I have Eminem on my IPOD.
37- I also have Rosemary Clooney, New Edition and Motley Crue.
38- See what I mean about contradictions.
39- I got my first job because I was offended that my boyfriend's sister worked in a bookstore.
40- I felt she wasn't worthy.
41- I knew I was.
42- Once I got a job in her store I dropped him and kept her.
43- I was 17.
44- I've been a bookseller ever since.
45- I've worked at 2 Barnes & Nobles, an airport bookstore and NYU's Main Bookstore.
46- When I was at Barnes and Noble I aspired to be a book buyer.
47- Now at NYU, I am.
48- I got my GED at 20.
49- I started college at 22.
50- I have an AA in Early Childhood Education.
51- I'm supposed to be continuing my studies to become a school counselor.
52- So far I've been too lazy to go back.
53- My youngest son has a speech delay.
54- This bothers me more than I can say.
55- I think the disabled are marginalized by society.
56- My parents and their friends were.
57- I think that's why I have issues about my son's problem.
58- I realize I am probably seriously over-reacting about it.
59- Both my parents died of cancer.
60- At age 63.
61- I figure 62 is going to be really rough year.
62- I have been overweight for most of my life.
63- I'm ok with that.
64- I still feel like I'm the same size I was at 17.
65- Though I am far from it.
66- I think I've gained too much this year.
67- I don't feel healthy.
68- I'd like to see the other side of 200 again.
69- That's my goal for the new year.
70- I'd be happy to stay at 199.
71- My grandmother taught me to knit.
72- I didn't do much with it.
73- Four years ago I saw a book called The Knitting Goddess
74- I bought it as a way to get back in touch with my spiritual side.
75- I ended up with a knitting obsession.
76- It makes me feel creative in a way I never have before.
77- My spiritual side still gets short shrift.
78 - I considered myself a witch as a teenager.
79- And a pagan as a young adult.
80- Now I think God is a power that is impossible for the human mind to fully grasp.
81- So any face and mythos we choose is a way to bring us closer to that power.
82- Therefore no religion is wrong.
83- Or right.
84- I still prefer a female deity.
85- I raise my kids Catholic.
86- I want them to fit in.
87- Until they choose to be different.
88- I love to sing.
89- I'm pretty good at it.
90- I wanted to be a rock star.
91- But I had nothing new to say.
92- I now want to be a star in my profession.
93- I'm getting there.
94- I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi.
95- I also love fiction, history and biography.
96- I also love comic books.
98- My husband and I collect them.
99- My favorites are female superheroes.
100- I have an impressive collection of Wonder Woman comics and memorabilia.
101-I could have gone to 150.