Monday, October 20, 2003

I am in an extremely frustrated mood. I had to rip out the square I started for the group baby blanket because I was off gauge. Then I was working on Tisha's scarf and I had to keep ripping that out because I was either going in the wrong direction or I had dropped stitches. At one point I was so frustrated that when I pulled on the yarn for the next stitich I broke it (it is extremely fragile). So I put that aside. Then I discovered that my gauge was off on the sweater for my son, am I an idiot or what! Mind you it's not like I don't know better, I should have done a gauge swatch. But after a few inches I measured and I thought the gauge was fine, but I was wrong. It would probably still fit him since I had gone up a size but he wouldn't be able to wear it very long. So I will send it to the frog pond. I tried to go up a needle size but that swatch was too big. I am thinking of making the smaller size with the bigger needle. All to avoid math!

So I decided to re-do my husband's hat from last year. It was a too big and he's been asking me to fix it. So I pulled it out and have started the London Beanie pattern. It's actually going quite well. I started it on dpns which is usually a problem for me, but it's coming out quite well. I am on round 13, I have finished the ribbing and the increase row. I need some instant gratification to make me feel like I am a good knitter again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Having calmed down quite a bit from my euphoria of yesterday, I had to find something new to excite me. I am completely obsessed with boogaj's Kureyon Felted Bag. I wish it was the beginning of the month so I could actually buy some Kureyon and start this bag (I only get paid once a's a bitch let me tell ya). So I look at it a few times a day, dream of which colorway I will choose, send the link to all my friends and salivate when no one is looking. Maybe I'll find money in the street!

In the meantime our order from Herrschner's arrived. We got 8 skeins of Red Heart Baby Sport. Four of us here at work are going to do the Patchwork Baby Blanket from Knitting for Baby for a pregnant co-worker. We're going to have to double strand it, but the colors are gorgeous. We have 2 mint green skeins, 2 cream skeins, and for the main color 4 skeins of a varigated called seashore, which is blue, green , lavender and cream. There is some concern that it will be too boyish but we'll have to start knitting to really find out. The colors are all pretty soft though, and the lavender should balance the blue. Twelve 10x10 garter stitch squares, you want to talk about mindless, I'm thinking of bringing it to the gym at lunch time to do while I'm on the bike.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Ok I am really excited, my pictures were included in the Knitlist 2004 Calendar. Granted my life is somewhat pathetic if this is what I get excited about. Nonetheless I am excited. You can find it at
Check out September, I made the black and red Constant Companion bag and the liitle purple booties.

Monday, October 13, 2003

I think I really need to set aside a specific time to blog each day. Last week I kept meaning to do it but I just never did and suddenly the week was over. Oh well I'll try to do better this week. I finally got some links up to my favorite blogs thanks to Blog Rolling, yay!

I went to see Whale Rider this weekend, God that was a great movie! Everyone should see it...go now...don't worry it's out on video week after next so you don't have to rush out to a movie theater.

I'm feeling a little bored of my current projects. Tisha's scarf feels like it takes forever and it is very redundant in it's stitch pattern. My son's sweater is made with cotton thick 'n'quick so it is very, very thick. It feels like I am knitting with rope. That being said I have finished the back and I am halfway through a sleeve. I decided to do the front last because I want to try to add a kangaroo pocket and that will be the most complicated part of the project.

I took a break from them both over the weekend. I attempted a sock for my toddler with Bernat's Hot Sox yarn, but I got lost somewhere around the 6th round and started knitting on the wrong side. I guess I was paying too much attention to my son's soccer game (which they lost!). On Sunday I spent the entire day knitting a doll for my husband. Odd as that sounds, it was at his request. I adapted a garter stitch teddy bear pattern, into a superhero, Nightwing to be exact. For those who don't know Nightwing is Batman's first Robin, all grown up. He is my husband's favorite and he felt a need for a doll, but they don't make any plushes of this guy. It came out pretty well (I've given up on promising pictures one day they will be here, I just don't know when that will be!) just the head is a bit freaky. I may re-do it at a later time, but all in all for a day's knitting he was pretty impressive, and freehand at that.