Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Blog Year in Review

Sorry for the long hiatus but that's how it goes at this time of year. Today I'm going to do one of the year end reviews that I did last year. As I recall I stole this from Vicki last year, she did it again and since I liked it so much I'm stealing it again.

The first sentence of each first post of the month for 2006, each sentence is a link to the actual post:

January - I managed to complete 30 projects this year which is an improvement over last year's 25.

February - In honor of the Blogger's (Silent) Poetry Reading :

March - When people call you and ask why you've been so quiet you know you haven't blogged enough.

April - Carla had this meme yesterday and it brought up a fact about me that is only hinted at on the blog, I live to be obsessed.

May - This is what was waiting at the post office for me on Monday:

June - I thought I'd give you a progress shot on Anastasia:

July- Inventory knocked me out.

August - My good buddy Carla tagged me:

September - ...yup a finished Dalek:

October - I end my contest as I began it. Dani has bestowed on me the title of:

November - I'm in the homestretch on Cherie. I even had Amanda take a picture of me trying it on, see:

December - Here we are on d-day.

Tomorrow the year end project wrap up.

Have a great New Year's everyone!