Friday, June 01, 2007

I thought I'd give you a progress shot on Anastasia:

She's actually further along than she looks but I couldn't navigate through the dpns to get to the heel. I did an excellent short row heel if I do say so myself. No holes. I'm very proud.

A few more notes on the knitting front of the bbq. I failed to show a picture of the lovely Shameka who although late came with the most amazing red velvet cupcakes. If you look closely the picture of Chante in Wednesday's post you can see them. The sadly blogless Tisha brought her sock but no one had a chance to show her how to start the heel. Don't worry though I have her going on her heel flap now.

Miz Chante outed herself on her blog yesterday she was the "hooker" at the bbq:

Of course being a true knitter at heart as Maribel pointed out in the comments, she begged for needles and sock yarn before the day was through!

Have a great weekend everyone!