Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Inventory knocked me out. Unlike some people, I am not used to giving up my weekends for this place. Thankfully now it's done. I have a day off tomorrow and then two more days until vacation!

I thought at this point I would revisit my goals to Knit from the Stash and read books Off the Shelf.

Nearly every project I knit from January to June I knit from stash. The three exceptions were:

Anastasia socks, made with gifted STR.
The washcloth/soap sack combo gift. I bought a ball of kitchen cotton for that.
The Soy Wool hat, made with the free yarn from the Harlot's Represent event.

All in all 19 balls/skeins were used from stash. Of course last week I added a number of skeins in the birthday celebrations but overall I'm pretty happy with the dent I made. I also have learned that I am more productive when I keep to one project at a time. I don't know that I can always do that but it's interesting as I would have thought the reverse was true. I've been pretty monogamous this year and I've already completed 20 projects. Last year I did something like 25 in 12 months. I also realized how much fun it is to actually make a project that I planned for. I pulled yarn out of stash that I had bought with specific things in mind and then I made them. How different is that? ;)

Off the Shelf has not gone as well. I think I read 5 books off my shelf and everything else has been purchased. I discovered at least 2 new series this year which led to my downfall. I read the first in each series and then ran out and bought the remaining titles. We won't even discuss Book Expo. At least those were free. My freebie shelf at work is once again busting at the seams as are my bookshelves at home. I'm a book junkie, there is no help for me...

Loksins is going well. I'm halfway through the foot and toe decreases are in the near future. It's very comforting going in the right direction again;)