Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tagged and a contest...

My good buddy Carla tagged me:

...and I'm such a baby I've been dying for this one:D

My choices for Rockin' Girl Blogger (it was tough keeping it at five, I gotta say) are:

Gina of Life in LaLaLumay Land
Susan of Labradorable
Karen of Spinning Goth
Kathleen of KatyKnits
Maribel (of course) of The Knitting Cube

Ladies feel free to pass along the crowns as you see fit...

Speaking of cool chicks who rock, my friend Leslie is doing the breast cancer 3 day walk out in San Diego. Les is a very, very good friend and cancer has hit close to her best friend's family. She is showing her support by raising money. I'm sure you all know that I lost both my parents to cancer so I want to do all I can to help her out. For the month of August when you donate to her walk I will enter you in a contest to win two skeins of my favorite yarn, Brooks Farms Four Play. I'm even going to let the winner pick their own colorway. We go on the honor system here, go over to her donation site, make a donation, come back and tell me about it, either in the comments or by e-mail. On September 1st I will pick a name at random. Once I've e-mailed you, let me know what color you want and I will place the order and have it shipped to you. I had been planning a contest for my 500th post (two posts away) but I decided this was a far better reason.

Go on and donate, don't forget to come back when you're done...