Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When people call you and ask why you've been so quiet you know you haven't blogged enough. There's no good reason I just didn't have anything I was dying to talk about.

I did get the second sleeve done on Ian's sweater. I've enjoyed the construction so far but the yoke is worrying me. Here is where I am:

It's a bit, umm, billowy, I guess? I'm not sure how it's going to look on Ian but he'll wear it no matter what, I know. If he sees it lying around he'll pick it up and ask, "Mommy is it finished yet?". He also carries around the book that its in and leaves it open on the page with the picture. The boy seriously wants his sweater.

Avery had a busy weekend this weekend. He had a meeting for a prep program to get into a private high school. I don't think he'll be participating though. The schools involved are all boarding schools and Avery is not really the type of kid who would be happy going away to high school. Then on Sunday he had his first chess tournament with his school chess team. He ended up losing 2 matches, winning one and winning one by default. I was very impressed. His team came in 4th of the twelve teams competing.

I went on a school trip with Ian on Friday. He's still pretty happy in school and he does seem to be doing a bit better, at least from what I can see. They are in the middle of all his assessments though to get him back in self contained special ed in the Fall.

Otherwise not a lot going on. Rinaldo did some home renovating during the winter break but I'll share those pictures with you next time. He would want it to have a post all to itself;)