Monday, October 01, 2007

I end my contest as I began it. Dani has bestowed on me the title of:

Which I had just received from Carla back in August when I started my contest for my friend Leslie's 3 Day Walk. So here we are and I get the joy of bestowing it on 5 more people which is fantastic since it was so hard to limit it to 5 the first time around. Thanks Dani!

Being that this week was the Spin Out I think the first one is quite easy:

Cara - For spreading her enthusiasm and joy for things she loves like other people spread the common cold;) There's been Socks that Rock, Jaywalkers, miters and now she brought people together in their love of spinning. It was a fantastic event and I had a fantastic time.

Chante - I threaten to cut off our friendship constantly because I can't keep up with her creativity and productivity. Whether it's knitting two socks at once, spinning, dyeing or making stitch markers, she is a one woman creativity machine.

Risa - My co-moderator on the Knitting Blogs ring. She's also a dynamo who knocks out socks like there's no tomorrow (granted small feet help;) ). She's a great mom, talented web developer and spinner. Of course we all love lawyers who leave the dark side;)

Lisa - One of my first blog buddies. Another far more prolific knitter than I. She's a great mom and I always love the projects she makes and the colors she uses. Besides I have to love someone who has a hockey rink in her backyard in the winter. It doesn't get any better than that.

Saving the best for last because she thrives on that kind of attention:

Ann - One of the first bloggers I ever met in person and one of my dearest friends. She's raunchy and speaks her mind, obviously a kindred spirit. She also lets me hang out with the "cool kids", which is different for me! Pigs everywhere worship her as the goddess she is.

Now for the contest winner:

Amy! (who is sadly blogless)

Here is a horribly bad camera phone picture of my co-worker Andrew as he pulled her name from the bowl:

Obviously I do things in a strictly scientific fashion.

I forgot my camera on Saturday so I have to wait for Maribel to upload the pictures from her camera to get the ones I took. Hopefully I'll have them by Wednesday.

Have a great Monday everyone!