Friday, December 07, 2007

I want to be Kara Thrace when I grow up...

I am a geek. I know, I know it shocks many of you. I try to keep it under wraps fairly well but I started with Star Trek, moved on to Dr. Who, went full out on Buffy and I've never looked back. Now I had been told that I should be watching Battlestar Galactica by many a person but I had tried the miniseries and was bored to tears in the first 30 minutes. Mind you I was a huge fan of the campy old series so I figured I could never give the new one a shot. A few months ago ITunes had a sale on complete seasons of certain shows. I picked up season 1 of Battlestar for a song (well 18 of them by ITunes standards). There it sat on my hard drive until Rinaldo put it on his IPhone (don't even go there I won't discuss it). After two episodes he admitted that the show "owned him". My husband is not easily owned so I gave it a shot last week. One week later I am Battlestar's bitch and happy about it. I'm already into the second season and I am seriously considering giving up my job to sit home and watch it all day.

Why do you care? Well you see BSG is kind of exciting so on my train ride I often pull my knitting out with the best of intentions but I get caught up in the show and not a stitch is knit. Therefore I haven't finished my multidirectional scarf. Though it is turning out nicely:

I did have to leave it home on Wednesday since I was on a school trip with Ian but Rinaldo's sock got some much needed attention there since it would have been rude to watch BSG in the middle of a puppet show, right?

Fear not, knitters are resourceful creatures. You see thanks to Ravelry I have found the perfect way to bring my new obsession into line with my old the Kara Thrace and her Sweater Destiny.

Rinaldo has already put in his order...

Happy Friday!