Monday, December 17, 2007

Nancy the Ipod killer...

I love Ipods, I mean I really love them. I use mine so much that they seem to wear out. I've been having some problems with the 60 gig video Rinaldo got for me on Mother's Day 2006. He suggested I restore it. I did so on Saturday. It seems to have been a fatal mistake. Thankfully the Computer Store is right across the street and there was a special on 80 gigs so I'm back in business or I will be once I get it loaded tonight. Not to be foolish again I bought it with AppleCare as I have yet to have one last longer than 18 months.

Here is the picture I owed you of the multidirectional scarf:

Ian, Avery and I hung out with Chante and Jamaal this weekend. We went to the Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Gardens. Avery was our official photographer. The kids go for the trains, I love the buildings. This is my favorite, Ellis Island:

Since this is a Bronx blog I should show you this one as well, Yankee Stadium:

Here we all are freezing but happy:

I sat on my ass the rest of the weekend but while I was doing so I managed to finish...wait for it...

...the Charade socks!!!

...aren't you impressed, Rinaldo was;)

I tried to start the playground mittens yesterday but between my Ipod grief, gauge issues and the fact that I couldn't find any size 8 needles anywhere of any kind in my house I didn't get started until this morning on the train:

They are going to greatly resemble the target mittens except that I hopefully won't despise knitting them so much. I'm completely off the pattern. I had to use my Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns but I'll use her instructions to create the slit.

Damn is it 1:09 already I guess I should get some work done...happy Monday!