Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 - Year End Wrap Up

I managed to complete 30 projects this year which is an improvement over last year's 25. Last year did include two baby blankets though and this year was far more smaller projects overall but still it's a nice little bump. I looked at last year's knitting resolutions and I did actually manage them both. I did knit some lace and I am slightly less chart-phobic. As for knitting resolutions for this year I can't say that I have any that I can think of. I guess knitting from stash alone would be the only one.

Here is my completed list for 2006:

Lady Hat
Fingerless Gloves [3 pairs]
Jaywalker Socks
Chunky Cabled Bag
Branching Out
Girl Rag Doll
Red Socks for Ian
Felted Lopi Bag
Baby Bolero
Cowl Neck Sweater for Dulaan
Red Hot Socks that Rock
Target Wave Mittens
Magic Stripes Socks [2 pair]
Odessas w/o Beads [4]
Christmas Stockings [3]
Lady Hat [3]
Moebius Scarf

If When I finish the last teacher's odessa today I will be adding it to the 2006 list, also Gyrid is blocking so if I should get it seamed today (STOP LAUGHING!) and finished by tonight I will also count it toward 2006. I decided that January 1st could be a neutral day to do some 2006 finishing. I ripped out Charlotte (sorry Katy) not because I've given up but because I'd like to start the year with a clean slate. I ordered the Knit Picks options set for myself and I'd like to use that for Charlotte. So I will begin yet again.

Since I'm doing the Knit From Stash knit along I decided to reorganize my knitting basket to only contain actual projects that I will be working on in the next few months:

I've decided my goal is to knit from stash for the next six months, until my birthday in June. I've got plenty of cool projects to work on, including plenty of socks, so I should be fine. I've updated my Waiting in the Wings list to reflect what's currently in my basket.

As for those last teacher gifts, the moebius came out beautifully:

I'd almost like to keep it for myself. After soaking and blocking it's nice and soft.

I also completed the third lady hat:

I decided against a fourth one since I can do Odessa in less than a day.

I may do teacher gifts for the end of the year but that's it for the holiday knitting, I swear, I am done, never again. I guess that's another resolution. I'll continue to make gifts because mostly my recipients are extremely appreciative but I'll just give them as I go along for no special reason whatsoever, or maybe birthdays.

I have much to tell about Christmas vacation but I'll save that for the next post.

I should also mentioned that I've signed on as co-list mom with Risa of the Knitting Blogs webring. So if any of you are interested in being ring checkers please let me know. You would get a certain range of blogs to page through on a regular basis to make sure their ringcode is still working. Leave a comment if you're interested and I will explain in more detail.

Happy New Year!!!