Saturday, December 08, 2007

Is it Tuesday already?

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts this week. I worked on Saturday and that tends to throw me off the following week. I was thrilled this weekend however to get my prize from Nancy, unfortunately I won by default since I was the only one who contributed to her walk but I love my yarn just the same:

I'm not sure about the pattern but I think I may commandeer the yarn for Ice Queen. I still have millions of beads from Odessa so I'm set. Of course we'll see when I actually get to it!

I'm nearly finished with the multidirectional scarf. I just have the final section to do. Sadly I actually have to break into another ball of yarn to finish it. I'm a little ticked about that but c'est la vie. Here is where it stands this morning:

Once I finish I have to get to some mittens for Ian. He lost one of his target mittens and now we seem to have misplaced the ones I made for him two years ago. He has Spongebob gloves but he's not a huge fan of them. I was thinking of making another target mitten for him but damn I hated making them. Then I spotted this yesterday on Risa's Ravelry queue, Playground Mittens. I really wanted to make him some convertible mittens this year but I was feeling pretty lazy about it. These are the perfect compromise.

A few weeks back Shelly e-mailed me to say she had put my Wubbzy pattern up on her blog. What a cool blog it is, Children's Lit 'n' Knit. She posts projects that can accompany children's books. Some are really cute. There are some crochet projects as well as knit. Go look.

Oh well back to work...I might actually get to the gym today, amazing!