Sunday, December 31, 2006

Z is for Zoo

It wouldn't be right of me as a Bronx girl if I didn't have the Bronx Zoo as my Z. The Bronx Zoo has brought people to the Bronx even when people were still scared of the Bronx (silly people;)). It's a fantastic zoo and one of the first to start eliminating cages and putting animals into more natural seeming setting. Let's not forget that the buffalo (ok really the bison) were saved by the Bronx Zoo.

Oddly enough the name of the Wildlife Conservation Society's zoo only officially became the Bronx Zoo a little over a year ago. It's only been the nickname all these years. Glad they finally caught on.

During the holiday season the zoo is lit up with beautifully designed lights.

We saw giraffes:

...and of course the bison:

...silly monkeys:

...and a few animals you don't normally see at the zoo:

...the butterfly garden was set up as a scavenger hunt inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which Ian had a great deal of fun with:

I think Avery and Cheyenne enjoyed the hot chocolate best:

I'm amazed that I actually made it all the way to "z". It's funny that Vicki and I had the exact same "y" and "z" but I chalk it up to great minds and all that;).

Have a wonderful new year!