Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Day 3

Wherein our heroine starts to flag just a bit in her the sprint toward the finish...

I did not get as much knitting done yesterday as I expected to. I did knit for about an hour on line for Colbert but then they make you stand up (I was sitting on the ground prior to that) so in the close quarters it was a bit difficult to cable. I am about 5 pattern repeats (out of seven) into the second hat:

I promise to give you nice pictures taken with a real camera on Friday.

My eye is even pinker today so I am hoping to get my work done and ditch out of work early. This should lead to some quality knitting time to get back on track. If I can start the third hat tonight I should be fine but we'll see what happens.

Steven Colbert was even funnier in person than he is on the air. He is also genuinely very nice. Rinaldo and I had a great time.

My dear cousin in law (yes I choose to believe that there is such a thing), Linda left a comment yesterday about what was missing from my "Year in Posts", as in everything of importance. She made me realize that I totally forgot to post the instructions for the meme. I have corrected that and updated the post. Just for the record the idea is to copy and paste the first sentence posted for each month of 2006. So in reality no Icelanders were dissed in the making of that meme;)

Happy Wednesday!