Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 4

Wherein the runner stumbles...

This is where I was late last night:

...looking good right? Five completed hats. Then I started the sixth one and somehow at 1:15 in the morning, while watching Golden Girls, I could not quite figure out how to knit around the first row of the magic loop. Although I've done 3 out of 5 hats this way. I've hit this wall late at night before. I decided to call it a night. This morning I cast on again and knit happily on the first five rows. Then I worked the first cable row. I couldn't quite finish it before I got off the train so I tried to do the last bit once I got to my desk while my morning reports printed. The pattern consists of a 12 stitch repeat. I reached the penultimate one, do you see a problem:

...'cause I do. That kinda looks like 6 stitches not 12. There's a screw up somewhere, now I need to take the time to find it. This hat takes me over a day to complete. I was up until 2 on Monday finishing the first one and that was with doing the first five rows the night before. It's not looking good people. The hats are supposed to go with the boys to school in the morning. I've not yet given up but realistically this may be it. Let's see how far I can get today.

I've decided to join Risa on Wendy's new knitalong Knit from your stash.

I've got a lot of nice yarn in stash and projects that I want to make but as is the case with most of us I am easily seduced by the new and different. I'm hoping to at least make it to my birthday in June without knitting something that I need to buy yarn for. I'm officially starting this January 1st. There are potential yarn shop visits next week so why ruin it from the start!

I haven't shared any shots of the boys in a while so here is some kid eye candy for you. The other night Avery wasn't feeling well, so he actually fell asleep on the couch waiting for dinner, he had some company:

That cat is so attached to Avery that we don't say he's Avery's cat, we say that Avery is Hiro's boy.

Not to be outdone in cuteness however. Mr. Ian received a late birthday present from his grandpa in Florida. It was a Superman shirt and cape that has a fan to blow it up like muscles. Ian is quite fond of it:

Thursday just a day away from Friday, have a good one...