Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Good the Bad and the Blech

First up the good, I actually finished the first hat, see:

I finished it on the train this morning. It did involve much late night knitting but that puts me on a good schedule of a day and half each for the other two. The other good thing is Rinaldo and I have tickets to The Colbert Report tonight. That's good on two levels; one being simply that I love the show and have been dying to see it in person. The other being there will be much knitting time while I stand in line since they suggest you show up at least 90 minutes before the doors open.

The bad is that my ear has yet to clear up. I had an infection last week in my ear, nose and throat. The antibiotic cleared it right up and just left me with a plain old cold but my ear is still stuffed. It's driving me insane!

The blech, well last week Rinaldo managed to not catch my cold, nor my infection but he somehow developed pink eye. Typically this comes home on a kid but they have both been pink eye free so I'm not sure where he picked it up from. We're old hands at it so we did all the right things to make sure he kept it to himself. Yet it appears to not have been enough, I woke up this morning and my eye was a lovely shade of fuscia. So it's off to the dr for some drops before I hit Colbert. I am being religious about not touching my eye so I don't share the wealth. I'll take some antibacterial liquid with me also just to be extra safe. Can you imagine the headlines, "Entire Studio Audience Comes Down with Conjunctivitis, Typhoid Nancy Blamed". Yeah, I don't want that to happen. Of course the real reason I'm ticked is that I used my favorite eyeliner yesterday which means it's probably infected and I have to throw it out. Damn, good eyeliner is so hard to find these days.

Here's yet another meme to keep you warm. I stole it from Kim, although it's all over the place.
added later - The idea is to copy and paste the first sentence posted for each month of 2006.

The Year in Posts
January - Happy Birthday Cara!

February - Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelou

March - You may recall this post from a few weeks back.

April - It is actually warm enough to sit on my deck and blog, see...

May - Happy May Day/Day Without Immigrants

June - There once was a hat named Odessa.

July - The last few days I've been wanting to blog but the heat has me feeling horribly lazy.

August - Yes, ok it's pushing it a bit but I already did D so I can't do D for Disney.

September - If a tree falls......in your backyard, you're totally screwed.

October - Hi my name is Nancy, I am 37 years old and I still have a learner's permit...

November - No excuses for the lack of posting this week, it just is the way it is.

December - My title does not mean that I was the recipient of unexpected charity.