Sunday, December 31, 2006

Y is for Yard

Rinaldo decided that "y" really had to be for yard (he's kind of taking over at the last minute dontcha think?). He has put so much work into it that he appreciates any chance for it to be admired.

I've shown this before, but just to remind you. This is what my yard looked like in June of 2005:

Here it is in June 2006:

...we were able to host lots of BBQs this year and much fun was had:

...this is when the tree limb fell on Labor Day weekend:

...and here it is today:

A little worse for wear after the tree limb came down. We can't fix the fence until the woman to the left of us pulls down her stone fence as it will continue putting pressure on ours, but aside from the obvious damage it's still a great yard and has made having a house so much more fun for this born apartment dweller.