Friday, December 22, 2006

Day 5

wherein our heroine must face reality...the reality of abject failure...

So here we are on Friday and here is the last hat:

...beautiful isn't it? Yeah well it obviously had bad karma so I gave up. I tried to fix it at lunchtime but I kept dropping stitches and so I finally just said, "fuck it" (literally) and gave up. I read on the train trip home. Watched a little TV, took a shower, and was in bed by 10:15...heaven.

The gifts that did make it were much appreciated. I held a couple back so that Avery can give all his teachers theirs when break is over. Carla and I have voted that this whole holiday knitting thing is so over and Gina promises to stop me should I breathe a word of attempting any next year. I'm steadfast in my resolve this time.

Just so you don't feel completely bereft of finished objects here's a long overdue shot of the Christmas stockings. They came out pretty well in the end:

I am way happier now that the pressure is off...oh yeah the fact that I am out of here in a few minutes doesn't hurt either...

I doubt I'll post this weekend so have a wonderful Christmas to all who celebrate it and for those who don't enjoy the long weekend!