Monday, January 31, 2005

I did not have a great weekend. On Saturday Avery and I went into the city, with friends to go to the Museum of Television and Radio. They were running a day long Animation Workshop for kids. We got there around 1:30 and were told they had run out of materials. We had to figure out something else to do. We went to hang out at the Donnell Library which was close by. So I got to see these guys:

It's the original Winnie the Pooh toys. I had seen them years ago when they visited the Children's museum of Manhattan when Avery was a little younger than Ian. It was still cool to see them again.

We hung out reading and the kids got to hear some stories about snow including The Mitten, which is all about a pair of knitted mittens. Then they got to make snowflakes to hang up. They enjoyed it. Unfortunately on the trip down Avery lost the hat that I made him. It must have fallen out of his pocket. He was devastated. Thankfully I have plenty of the same yarn left so I can make him another (and fix the flaws I thought it had).

Then on Sunday the kitchen flooded, not once but twice. We have been having problems with the sink in the spare bath room and it got out of hand. So I spent most of the day cleaning up that mess.

Yesterday the cold I have been trying to fight off finally got the better of me. It has completely settled in my lungs so it's really killing me. Avery was sick too so we stayed home and watched movies all day until Ian got home from school. I got quite a bit done on Clapotis.

Maribel came over last night with a surprise for me:

Aren't they cute? She got herself a set too. That went a long way toward making me feel better.

I am home again today. I'm still not feeling well and I think poor Ian has an ear infection so I am taking him to the doctor. Hopefully he'll let me get some knitting done today as well.