Sunday, January 09, 2005

It's been a weekend of frogging. I ripped out Clapotis, until I find out if I will be able to get more of my yarn. I decided to cast on for Charlotte's Web. I knit until row 15, then the math stopped working so I ripped it out. So far I have only re-knit 4 rows, but we are watching the DVD of Arrested Development now so I might get back up to 15. I actually was watching Igby Goes Down earlier when I first started it and I think it demanded too much of my attention. It was really good, dark but funny.

Bob is going well. I got his legs and his body done, but the yarn is a bit hard to work with. It's a heavy duty acrylic so my hands get tired easily. I figure Charlotte is the perfect counterpoint to him.

The weekend went well. I had to work Saturday but I had today off and I had the joy of watching my father in law going around fixing things in my apartment. He re-did the sink in my second bathroom, yes, I live in an apartment in the Bronx and I have a second bathroom. It's really too small to use for it's intended purpose so we use it as kind of a garage of sorts. I also attach the washing machine to the sink in it. He also fixed some electrical sockets and my shower head, I had no idea he was this handy!

So far no word on whether Tashie will be here this week or not. I was really happy she was back last week. I've really gotten use to having her around and I miss her now that she's not here. We'll see what the week brings.

I have my knitting group this Tuesday at Barnes and Noble on 86th and Second. If you're in the neighborhood come on down. We meet at 7. I'm really looking forward to it. I missed the last one and then we skipped a month because of Christmas.

I just found out the best news., I actually won a contest! Chris was having a drawing for a this book and this yarn. She just e-mailed me that I won. I'm very happy. I so rarely win stuff that I really get a kick out of it when I do. By the way it's her birthday so go leave a comment for her with birthday wishes. She's really cool people.

Good luck with Monday everyone!