Monday, January 03, 2005

You may notice some changes around the old blog. I've been wanting to change the look of the place for awhile but I decided it would be cool to wait for the new year. So here it is. What do you think?

I have been thinking about new year's resolutions and realized I don't really have any. I mean there are the usual, lose some weight, get to the gym more regularly. Maybe get back to meditating. But honestly I decide to do those things every few months. I don't know that the fact that it is a new year is going to make any of them stick any better.

New Year's eve was spent at home as usual. I have never liked to go out for this particular holiday. I frankly have never really been excited by it as a rule and hell this year I didn't even have Dick Clark to help me count down, there really was something anticlimactic about the whole thing.

I haven't started anything new and exciting, yet. Ray really wanted a sock cozy for his IPOD so I am working on that. Although I just bent one of my #2 dpns. It was really weird, I was getting up to go to the kitchen, I put the loose needle in the ball of yarn and set it down on the couch. I turned around to get something and when I turned back and took a step, I landed right on the needle. I am just thankful that it ended up impaled in the rug and not in my foot! It feels a little odd to work with though and so far I haven't been able to bend it back.

I want to start Clapotis tonight as part of my plan to knit more for myself, but I'd like to finish the cozy first. I have also decided to work on the Bob the Builder doll kit that I bought to make for Ian. I will make it a piece at a time in between other projects. This way it will keep me interested.

Please excuse the odd post put in earlier by Haloscan. When I switched my template I had the comments install automatically and it created the post. Kinda freaky if you ask me...