Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Charlotte has kicked my ass. Ok, there I've said it. I have knit and ripped it out so many times this week I have lost count. I am constantly forgetting yarnovers. Maybe I'm not ready for lace knitting or maybe it's the wrong time of year for it (we are 1 week away from classes starting so work is at it's most intense). I took it with me to my knitting group last night and I finally got to row 17. I was very happy. Then I counted my stitches, the requisite 19 on one side and 18 on the other. I tinked back and still couldn't find what went wrong. Then a large hole mysteriously appeared. I ripped it out and started again. I was at row 11, the beginning of the lace pattern when I got home. I sat down to work on it and I couldn't make it work at all. Mind you I've never had problems with that row before. I ripped it out in disgust and went to bed.

I think I will put Charlotte aside for now. Today I won't bring any knitting with me to work. I am frustrated with Bob because I ran out of yarn in the middle of his overall bib. The kit didn't include full balls of yarn. They measured out what they thought it would take and in this case the blue wasn't enough. That means I have to find a blue to match. I am so not happy.

On a happier note. I've decided that having won a contest, I am going to run a contest. Check back Friday for details.