Friday, January 07, 2005

Man it's been a crazy week.

My mother in law was extremely dizzy on Wednesday and also felt awful so she decided to go to the emergency room. This threw us into a bit of an uproar because she is the person who takes care of my kids after school. So Rinaldo left work early that day. They couldn't find anything wrong with her, but they kept her, still in the ER. On Thursday a different doctor saw her (the third I think) and said that she may have had a small stroke. .. what!?! Yesterday afternoon they did an MRI and finally got her a bed by last night. We've been going nuts, my husband is worried of course, but we also have to deal with getting the kids and it's Rush at work (Ray works for the University also). Then Ian's school sent home a notice last night saying that there was no school today because of District Mandated Staff Development. How do they do that? People can't necessarily take off work on such short notice. I don't blame the school, I'm sure it was the District office's fault but damn. Rinaldo and I had to split shift the day again. The good news is he just called to say they are releasing his mother today so the MRI must have been ok.

On Wednesday Tashie called to say she had to come over. Her mom had decided that after the holidays she should start communting from home to get to school instead of staying with us. Wednsday afternoon on the way to pick up Tashie (she picks her up on her way home from work) her car died. Really died. So Tashie stayed with us Wednesday and Thursday.

Then I hadn't mentioned that my father in law was coming for a visit. He arrived yesterday afternoon (and don't think we haven't all thought about his visit's effect on my mother in law's health, they do have a bit of a tempestuous relationship, it can be somewhat entertaining if you're in the right mood). He is quite a character so that also makes everything run at a slightly higher pitch.

Oh yeah and my friend's father died last week, so I had to go to his memorial last night.

I gotta tell you I'm beat...

Meanwhile down at Brooks Farm in Texas, they have dug out all the Four Play they have left and are anxiously awaiting the sample I am sending of my yarn to see if they have a match. Randall Brooks is my new best friend. They are amazingly kind people.

That means that Clapotis is on hold. The IPOD cozy is done. I started Bob the Builder yesterday. He's kind of a fun thing to knit so I may not have to work on him sporadically. I'll at least keep going until I feel I'm losing interest. I have his legs done and I am up to his body.

I wish I could look forward to getting rest this weekend but I have to work tomorrow. No rest for the weary.

Have a great weekend...