Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Just a short post because work is really busy, classes started yesterday and the first week is the worst.

I cast on for the Sockapalooza socks on Monday but I haven't worked on them at all. The person I am making them for has a fondness for blacks, blues and purples. This worked out for me because I had a purple and black varigated sock yarn that I had bought to make the Broad Street mittens in Knitty for a Christmas gift. Since I decided to not really make any gifts it has just been sitting in my stash.

I finished the reverse bloom washcloth. I screwed up a few rounds in the middle and my gauge was definitely way too tight. I kept breaking the stitches, cotton chenille has absolutely no forgiveness in it. I like the pattern overall though and I will make another soon to try to get it right.

I signed up for a Drop Spindle Workshop at Downtown Yarns with just a little enabling from Susie. Let's see how I take to spinning.

I've decided to make a hat for me from the yarn that I won in Chris' contest. I have been inspired by the freezing cold of the past few days and how warm my husband and sons look in their hats. I am having trouble finding a pattern. Certainly I can do a basic hat without much thought, but I wanted something that will show off this lovely yarn. I was thinking cables but the only pattern I found was a bit more complex than I was looking for right now. So any ideas on a nice hat for me? Do you have any favorite patterns that you think will work?

Remember the contest runs through Friday you can still send in an entry. Read the post below for details.