Friday, January 14, 2005

Finally Friday

It has been a very long week and it's not over yet. I still have to come in to work tomorrow, but I am dragging Avery with me and we will duck out early to go catch Racing Stripes. I suppose I should ask for some sympathy but I had a thing for zebras when I was a kid so I'm secretly looking forward to it myself. January is always difficult for him. He has the whole family home for a week and a half during the holidays and then it's back to school and Rinaldo and I are both working more than usual. I thought a special outing this year might help.

I decided when in doubt go back to basics, so I am knitting a washcloth. I may give it to my father in law to bring home to his wife if I finish it before he leaves on Saturday. I'm not crazy about her but I know it is difficult for her when he is away so what the hell I can be generous. I am doing the reverse bloom washcloth that was so popular a few months back. It's kind of fun and definitely easy.

So on to the contest. Over the holidays I ended up getting a second Charlotte's Web kit, exactly the same as the one I have so I have decided to give it away. Remember even if you don't want to do Charlotte it is 5 lovely skeins of Koigu KPPPM. See:

Here' s the deal- Send me an answer to the following question (it doesn't have to be the right answer I'm doing a random drawing). Next weekend I will have my son draw a name from a hat (or bowl or some other roundish thing) and I will announce the winner that Monday. Tisha informed me that the question should be something about the Bronx so here it is:

I live on Mosholu Parkway that means I live near what subway line?

A- The number 4.
B- The D
C- Both of the above
D- How should I know I've never set foot in the city!

Send your answer to bronxgirlknits at gmail dot com.
And yes this is really just a shameless way of finding out who those 70 people are who visit my blog everyday. I only know about 6 of you!

Good luck and have a great weekend...