Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I am really feeling under the weather today. Unfortunately it is the second week of classes which means that only death can get you a day off and even then you have to call in...

Clapotis (I find it very funny that Blogger spell check tries to correct this to slapdash) is coming along. I was going to take pictures last night but I was too lazy, although it was probably a precursor for the way I feel this morning. I am working on it as much as I can because I want to wear it before winter is over. Which may seem like a ways a way with the weather we've been having in NYC but frankly with the weather lately it could be next week.

I was talking a lot of knitting yesterday. We rode the train part of the way with my downstairs neighbor and when I pulled out my knitting she mentioned that she had tried to teach herself, but her hands just couldn't do it. She then said she should just give me her needles and all her yarn. Now for a moment I was quite excited by this prospect but I decided to take the high road. I offered to teach her to knit. I explained sometimes you just can't get it from a book and maybe she just needed a person to show her. I said I had taught some of my friends at which point my husband interjected something along the lines of "yeah she created her own cult" not quite a direct quote but that was the gist.

Later at work, the woman who does our displays came in. She is a knitter and has been for awhile but mostly scarves and such. She is attempting to make her boyfriend a hat in the style of the characters in The Life Aquatic. She was attempting to do a 2x2 rib and the knit and purl were getting all tangled. I had re-cast it on for her the day before and done a few stitches in the round to show her how to read it but when she brought it in she showed me my stitches and then hers which were once again tangled. I tinked it back to my stitches and worked it a bit. Then it suddenly occured to me to tell her to bring her yarn forward when purling and back when knitting. Voila problem solved.

If only all problems were that easily solved...