Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I don't even know where to start. It's been a very, very long time since I've felt this country in any way represented me. I am so far left at times that I can't even see the right with binoculars. In my defense I have always tried to recognize that I am personally not a good representative for the average American. I've said before that when I am voting for a president I vote for moderates as a rule. I figure a president should be able to represent an entire nation, not just little ole' me.

I didn't hop on the Obama bandwagon from the start. I loved Edwards (still do, I could care less who's sleeping with whom), and I like Hillary. I resigned myself when Obama won the nomination. Now its not that I had an issue with him personally. I liked him, his policies and felt that he would make a fine president. I just didn't think he could win.

Really. I'm a cynic and I wanted to vote for the person most likely to dislodge the republicans. When Obama was picked as the nominee I was disappointed I figured he would not be able to defeat McCain.

Then things happened. Sarah Palin alienated a good portion of the moderates in her party as well as independents, the economy tanked and Obama stayed focused, calm and composed. He was looking downright presidential.

I still didn't believe. Fairy tale endings don't happen in real life and good guys certainly don't win.

Yesterday I went to vote and it started to creep up on me. There were more people than ever at my polling place, many were obviously new voters. Everyone was smiling, happy and friendly. Now I do live in the Bronx; we all knew damn well we were voting for the same person but still there was something in the air.

People at work were predicting a landslide. I held tight, I didn't believe this country could pull it off. We're too polarized, too worried about the differences between us. Couldn't happen. I went to class. When I got home around 10:15, the husband told me, "we took Ohio".

We took Ohio. Suddenly I believed, hell, I fell hook line and sinker. I got Avery out of bed. You don't miss history if you have the opportunity to see it happen. At 11 pm on November 4th, 2008 it did.

President Barack Obama.

I was teary eyed but holding it together. I found McCain's speech to be touching and well spoken. I found myself wondering where he had been for the last 18 months, although I'm glad he was MIA. Still keeping it together. Then I saw Jesse Jackson crying and I lost it. What a journey he's had. From the marches, to MLK's death, to running himself, to this day. This amazing day.

Obama's speech took me the rest of the way. I was downright sobbing, the family had gone to bed and I do my best crying alone.

President Obama.

Damn that sounds good.