Friday, November 21, 2008

I blew it

It's been a bit crazy in the last few days. In the end it was all for the good but I've been kind of on a roller coaster emotionally and this caused me to blow it on my NoBloMoPo. Thursday was parent teacher conferences which always throws me into an anxious state, typically needlessly but I can't seem to help it. On Tuesday we received an e-mail from the store director that there was a mandatory manager's meeting on Thursday morning. With all the issues going on at work this was ominous.

Now that it's done I can say that the University was looking into leasing our store to an outside company. While this wouldn't be the end of the world by any stretch it would be a radical shift in our store and could lead to loss of benefits, job security and a more corporate and less innovative and independent workplace.

I am pleased to say that after hiring an independent consulting firm to assess us it was decided the University would keep us. Yay us! We get a bright shiny new store for our trouble too. They are combining my store and one of the branch stores into one so changes will be coming anyway but at least we control it. I'm excited, invirgorated and scared all at once. It's going to be an interesting 13 months.

Both boys had excellent reports from their teachers, so that worry was needless as usual. Last night I had a really good night's sleep and my focus seems to have improved already. It's funny how removing that sword that's been hanging over your head for months can really improve your spirits.

I'm going to continue to try to blog each day for the rest of the month. I've been enjoying it and I think that the extenuating circumstances this week are a good excuse to have missed a couple posts. It's a creative exercise right? There is no failing.

I'm off early tomorrow morning to take Avery to a high school interview and then to take him see Twilight. Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!