Friday, November 14, 2008

Me and James

Today I initiated Avery into one of my own personal traditions. Whenever a new James Bond film comes out I always see it on opening weekend. This tradition dates back to 1983 and Octopussy. Just so you understand my absolute unconditional love for James I still love Octopussy. I realize that gets me stoned in some circles.

I remember watching 007 movies on ABC when I was a kid. It was always a special event movie, on Sunday nights. Better still it always had a parental advisory warning which made it that much more attractive to me. Of course those old Bond films are completely tame by today's standards. Back the I felt like I was getting away with something when I watched them. My parents were extremely permissive.

I respect the fact that Sean Connery is the best Bond, but Roger Moore is my Bond. Suave, debonair, charming. Kicking ass in a tux without so much as a wrinkle to show for it. Although I will admit that On Her Majesty's Secret Service is my favorite movie with poor unappreciated George Lazenby. That being said I am enjoying Daniel Craig's reinvention of the character. I think it was smart to go back to the beginning. It doesn't detract from any of the previous portrayals. It obviously just took him a long to time to become the polished rogue he evolved into. He was a rough and ready killer to start with and I can accept that.

Casino Royale is the first James Bond Avery ever saw. I think it's important he have "his" own Bond. Now we'll start watching the older ones in order so he can appreciate all the fun being a spy can be.

I enjoyed the new one but I won't ever recommend them. I'm not picky when it comes to Bond. As long as there's action, some charm and a hot spy in a tux I'm good. Daniel Craig gave me that in Quantum of Solace. Story? Are there ever really stories in 007 films? If you're a fan you'll probably enjoy it; if you're not you probably won't. It's that simple.