Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holy fiber Batman, it's a knitting post!

I had planned on taking pictures of all my wips and showing my progress but I overslept this morning. It's amazing how easy it is to do that when you're the only one leaving the house. Rinaldo took the day off to stay home with the boys, lucky him. Of course I probably would have woken up an hour earlier if I had to stay home since Ian doesn't like wasting a moment of daylight on sleep. Whose kid is he again?

As for the works in progress inventory here's how it shapes up:

Jeanie - is still out there. I haven't touched it since I realized it wouldn't be ready for my cruise. You may recall I did Swallowtail instead.

Seascape Stole - which I renamed The Stole in the Fireplace for the Who Knits Ravelympics team. Also sitting. I finished the first chart found a mistake got depressed about it and tossed it to the basket. I think I may pull it out. I have a sweet 16 to attend at the end of the month and it could work for my outfit. The question is do I drive myself insane and frog back to fix the mistake? I hate frogging Kidsilk Haze. Or do I suck it up and move on knowing it will be lovely anyway. When is comes to things for myself I'm not a stickler for perfection but this was fairly big. I'll pull it out and evaluate.

Nutkin socks - one of which is complete. I wasn't crazy about the cuff and I promptly misplaced the pattern. It has since been found so I'd like to get the other one done by the end of the year.

Smallville socks - which I'm using my hand-dyed sock blank for. They're moving along but at a snail's pace. I'm about to turn the heel so I'm hoping it will pick up from there.

Saartje's Booties just need buttons, which is sad and pathetic in and of itself.

NYC Street Cap - I made one of these years ago for Rinaldo and it was his favorite hat ever. Ian took it to preschool one day and it never came home. We were in Michael's and found some Caron's Soft Shadow that he loved and so I decided to finally replace it. That I have a picture of:

It's just about ready for the decreases and then I pick up the edge and knit the hat again, so it's doubled. It will be thicker than the one I made previously since it was in DK but he likes to be warm so I don't think it's a problem.

I've completed 9 projects this year. Should I through some miracle complete all of these by December 31st that will bring me up to a whopping 15. Pretty sad after last year's total of 31. Nothing has excited me this year. No project has moved me or inspired me. Of course it may just be all the sturm und drang of the year overall that has contributed to this malaise. I'll keep chugging along. Hopefully my mojo will find me again.