Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

I think this election is possibly the most important one that's been held in my voting life. Go vote, preferably the way I want you to but even if it's the other way vote. If, horror of horrors, Obama doesn't win at least I want it to be because more people voted for the other guy not because of some slight of hand.

Here's a pretty freakin' hilarious video. It is not work nor child friendly at least not the last 10 seconds or so of it:

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For less partisan entertainment, some music. Who remembers Arcadia? Roe, Maribel? What about you Gina? They were an offshoot of Duran Duran. Here's their ode to today:

Election Day - Arcadia

You got to love a song that has Simon LeBon singing, "pull my shirt off and pray", I can do that, no problem Simon.

I still resent the fact that Nick Rhodes is more beautiful than any woman I know.

Why are you still here? Go vote dammit!