Sunday, November 02, 2008

But where the hell is the knitting?

I still have yet to finish anything. Still working on the socks, cast on for a hat this weekend. Maybe I'll finish that. I'd kind of like to go back to the stole since I have a sweet 16 to attend at the end of the month and it would be really cool to wear for it.

We hung out with the a rat yesterday, if you have children you may know him as Chuck E Cheese. I have a rule about going to Chuck E's, there must be good adult companionship or I'm not going. Following that rule we drove out to Jersey yesterday to spend the day with my favorite Crazy Fiber Lady and her twins. The kids had a blast as did the grown ups. Only one picture was taken, since I left the camera home but this one was too good to resist:

I went over to spend some time with Maribel and her mom today. We just hung out and had some food while my children annoyed me. Nothing in particular but the boys and I are very sensitive to the change in daylight savings time so they're cranky and I'm bitchy so it's a fantastic combo. It didn't help my mood at all to discover when I got home that Hiro had attacked my socks in progress while I was out:

Damn cat.