Saturday, November 08, 2008

Weekends are the hardest

Man coming up with something worthwhile to say on a Saturday night is my biggest challenge yet. I did take the boys to go see Madagascar 2 today. It was a lot of fun. Just as funny as the first. In fact I think the pacing was a little better. The first one loses my interest after awhile and this one didn't.

One of the great joys in life is randomly shopping in a bookstore and finding that there is a new book in a favorite series. Being a bookseller it doesn't happen to me all that much but today I had that pleasure. One of my guilty pleasures, the Bewitching Mysteries by Maggie Alt, had just come out with a new book, No Rest for the Wiccan. It's a light frothy series; just the kind of thing I was in the mood for.

Tomorrow, amazingly, I am going to start Christmas shopping. Best Buy has some sales I can't resist and I figured this year I really need to shop the sales. It's a small start but I do believe it's the earliest I've ever actively started shopping for the holidays. Yesterday I was bitching because they were playing Christmas carols in McDonald's yet here I am going along with the artificial lengthening of the holiday season. Oh well a sale's a sale, right?

Time to finally watch the last two episodes of New Amsterdam on my DVR. It's really sad how long they've been sitting there waiting. I think it's because I'm still depressed about it's cancellation. I didn't want to watch them and know that there will never be anymore.

Night all.