Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Finishing Frenzy

I don't usually do titles but I just couldn't resist this one. I finished the hooded sweater for my son on Monday, and he begged to wear it to school on Tuesday. He said there were many comments on it by people ( I hope they were good!) I left the hood the way it was even though it nags at me a bit. My husband thinks it's really cute that way and Avery loves it so that's what really matters.

I finished the mittens yesterday, just in time for the public schools to be closed today (not my job of course, grumble grumble). They will have their inaugural wearing tomorrow. I really like the way the three shades of blue go together. I seemed to have finally gotten a good feel for working with dpns.

So after all the FOs were done, I went nuts planning new projects. I bought some cotton chenille from Numei after seeing it on Bron's Blog. It's half the price of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille and it looks beautiful. I want to make my honorary niece the basketweave towel and washcloth set from Knitting For Baby by Melanie Falick. I've always wanted to make it for someone but it had to be someone special. Nina is my best friend's niece. I've known her since she was born practically, and she's always thought of me as another aunt so she's well worth it. She is also getting married in March. The problem is her family moved to Florida a few years ago so many of the people that she would want to be there will not be able to make it, including me. Therefore I want to make her something really special. I decided that it would be a shawl. I've been dying to make one so I pulled some nice white yarn out of the stash last night and I hope to play with stitch patterns this weekend.

I also swatched for Sonnet. Once the gauge was figured out I cast on but that's all so far. I don't know when I'll be working on it but it's ready and waiting!

My husband has become quite picky about his IPod cozy (in a good way!). He wants a felted cozy. He also wants it to have a drawstring, so I had him pick some wool. He decided on some navy and Burgundy Paton's classic double stranded. I finished up the swatch on the train this morning, so I will felt it tonight to get his final approval on the colors and figure out sizing. I have to say that I really love that he feels I am capable of creating anything he has in mind. He has a great deal of respect for my craft and it makes me feel really good!