Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Guess what I did this weekend... I joined Alison's .

With much encouragement from my husband I frogged a wedding afghan that was supposed to be a gift for a couple who had their first anniversary in August! I was more than halfway done but I hadn't touched it in about a year. How silly is that? Here is the before shot:

and after

I am very excited. Mind you I had been cannibalizing some of the extra skeins for Christmas knitting. There were 2 hats and a scarf made from yarn that was meant to finish this, but I have decided it really wants to be the Lap Blanket in Weekend Knitting. I have fallen in love with the pattern and I've always loved this yarn. It's LB's Homespun in Americana, it is so beautiful with the purple and gold tones. Really one of the best colors in the line.

I've decided it is also time to frog The Sweater Formerly Known as Brisa as well. This was hard. It was my first adult sweater ever, and it taught me great deal about sweater construction. But the yarn is too beautiful to waste on such an imperfect product. It is Sonata from Elann. I haven't decided what to make it into yet, but something will come to me. I hope to rip it out later this week.