Monday, January 26, 2004

I didn't accomplish as much on the weekend as I'd hoped but I didn't do too badly. I am just about finished with the hooded sweater for my eldest. I put on the sleeves and seamed it but I wanted to add a front pocket which wasn't in the pattern. I picked up stitches at the point where the stockinette becomes the band of ribbing and started. As of this morning I am at the point where I am decreasing just a bit to give it a nice shape. I may rethink the collar at the bottom of the hood. The pattern said when the hood was done you should sew it, ends overlapping, onto the neckline. My hood wasn't long enough for this so I picked up stitches to make a rib collar but I ended up making the hood a big circle with the neckline. It's kind of a cute effect, but I had a problem with the neckline on Brisa and I am thinking I should fix this just for the lesson to be learned. We'll see.

I finally started on the second mitten (yay me!). In fact I cast on for it on the subway. While this is not normally a big deal I am doing it on dpns and I have always had problems starting on them. Usually I need to be at home with a table in front of me so I can keep the stitches from twisting and the needles from slipping. This time no problems. I must be getting somewhere.

I visited Knit NY on Saturday. I needed one last ball of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for the baby blanket. I figured it would be expensive but we got a great deal on the rest of it so I figured it would be worth it. I really like the atmosphere of the place. Knitters everywhere, knitting, casting on, drinking coffee. It is a combination yarn store, coffee bar. Chai Latte and yarn... I was in heaven. The prices were typical Manhattan yarn prices, in other words high, but I've been in retail too long to not understand the cost of business. The yarn was $8.75, which is actually a quarter or so cheaper than some of the other places here in the village. But I would love to go to hang out there for an afternoon with my knitting buddies.

My husband has put in a request for a cozy for his new IPod, he will be shopping th stash tonight. I am going to look at the pattern in the Stitch 'n' Bitch book, and see if that works or maybe modify it to my own needs. Busy, busy, busy...