Thursday, January 01, 2004

I decided for the new year I will attempt to list all the projects I have completed this past year. So here it goes:

5 pairs of mittens
10 hats
6 scarves
1 Constant Companion felted bag
1 smaller felted bag (adapted from Constant Companion pattern)
1 Special Companion (for my business cards)
1 muff
1 headband
1 baby sweater
1 baby hat
2 pairs of baby booties
1 pillow
1 Nightwing doll
1 teddy bear
1 backpack
1 felted fish (didn't felt - long story)
1 sock from Icelandic wool - came out horribly didn't bother making a 2nd
1 summer sweater
Yu-Gi-Oh Gauntlet
4 washcloths
3 dish towels

That's all I seem to have records for or that I remember. Not too bad.

As for last year's resolutions as I recall they were to knit sweaters and to learn to knit socks. I made a sweater and I am well on my way to completing a second so that's cool. Socks, well that didn't go as well. The Icelandic wool that my cousin brought me was rough and stiff and it came out horribly. So I didn't make another. I have some Regia jaquard that I want to try as well as some of Bernat's Hot Sox for the boys. I figure I will try the ones for the boys first since they will be small. As soon as I finish the sweaters!

Happy New Year Everyone!