Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I finished my Booga Bag this weekend. I had some problems with the felting. After 2 cycles through the washer it was still far too loose. So I sent it through again. This time I put a couple of towels in with it. Since it wasn't alone I put the bag itself in a mesh garment bag, ostensibly to protect it from lint coming off the towels. Well it felted beautifully, but it was covered in white lint! I was so upset. I worked on it with a razor for awhile and then by hand. My mother in law also worked on it yesterday (she loves to get lint off of things, she has one of those lint buster devices and everything!). It's not too bad on the outside now but the inside still has quite a bit.

Here is the pre-felted bag:

and after felting (and de-linting):

If you look really closely you might be able to see flecks of white. That is what is still left of the lint. I've made felted bags before and never had this problem, but I never put it in with towels before. I don't think I will again.

I do love the bag though. It's very little and cute. The striping on the Kureyon is really beautiful. I am definitely a Kureyon fan, even with my initial problems with it. It was really a breeze to work with. None of the other balls seemed as rough as the first either.

I'm already trying to figure what else to make with it. I'm just dying for an excuse to buy more.

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