Friday, January 09, 2004

I finished my ball of the Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran and I only got 10 squares out of it. So we are definitely going to need an extra ball. The blanket calls for 5 balls of differing colors, if you do the math on the pattern itself the squares should be about 3.10" x 2.5". Since the 4 knitters doing this here at work are all of varying levels of expertise I made it easy and told everyone to make the squares 3" x 3". This way they could easily play with gauge by casting on different numbers of stitches or changing needle size without too much trauma. I guess that the extra bit took too much of the yarn and so threw off the amount needed. Oh well thankfully it's not that big a deal as it's readily available and we had already played around with the color scheme a bit anyway.

I finished the first mitten but it took longer than I expected, about 2 days. I think it's because of my inexperience with dps. I really only use them to finish hats, but I really want to make socks so I am trying to get used to starting a project on them. It came out nicely except for the holes around the thumb but I can fix that while I weave in ends. In the meantime I had to give him an old pair of my gloves anyway since it is so damn cold all of a sudden, so the urgency has worn off a bit. I hope I don't end up suffering from second mitten syndrome!

I want to finish the front of the hooded sweater tonight I have about 4" left. I worked on it a bit last night during ER (after I finished the last 2 of my squares, I tend to be very productive during ER) but I finished the skein I was using and the other one was in the bedroom where the baby was asleep. I didn't really feel like rooting around in the dark for it so I didn't bother. I brought the yarn with me today for the second mitten but I decided to read this week's Time instead since I've had it since Monday.

I found out yesterday that the baby has anemia. I never noticed any lethargy or anything so I was very surprised. My older son and I both had iron deficiencies when we were his age but his levels are quite low. Of course up until a few weeks ago he was a milkaholic. He would drink milk all day, that also runs in the family, but we felt it was cutting his appetite so we decided to cut his bottles down to 3 a day. It was time anyway he's just turned 2. He won't touch juice but he loves water and will drink it from a cup. Since we did that he has been eating like a mad man so I am hoping that when they retested his blood yesterday that his levels will have improved. In the meantime he has to take iron supplements. I think all my knitting last night was to block out the feelings of maternal guilt for not noticing there was anything wrong. I really feel like dirt, I'm glad I have a comforting hobby.