Friday, January 16, 2004

It's been so damn cold and I've been so busy at work I haven't actually done that much knitting the past few days. I tried to finish the hood on the hooded sweater but I actually ran out of yarn! I should know better but I think it's because of the larger needle size. Thankfully Tisha had six balls of the stuff so I stole one from her and then promptly won an ebay auction to replace it. Of course now I have way more than I needed but I'm thinking of going back to the size 11 needles or even a 10 1/2 and making it into a bath mat. It will actually be perfect for that.

I am chugging away on the Kureyon bag but I am usually too cold to knit when I get on the subway, so I end up reading or talking to my husband! I am hoping to get it done this weekend. We'll see. I still have a second mitten to do, and my mother in law asked for a hood, which I am going to do for her in some LB Jiffy that's been sitting in my stash. I figure it will be pretty quick, maybe even a 1 day project.

I am hoping to finish the hoodie tonight. I just have to pick up the stiches around the front of the hood, do the pocket and seam it up. I'd love to have it done so I can start my next sweater. I think it will be Sonnet for my mother in law. Hey she takes care of my kids everyday, she deserves lots of goodies!

I have to say right now I want to drop everything and make some fingerless gloves, because it's freezing in my office! According to my thermometer it's below 68 degress (I don't know how much lower that's as far as it goes) and my hands are like ice....