Monday, February 02, 2004

My weekend was really busy so I didn't get much done on the knitting front. The boys started their classes at my gym here at work. The little one takes Tumbling Tots and the big one takes Fencing. I am looking forward to some good knitting time during the Fencing class but this weekend my husband had to work so I spent the better part of the hour chasing after the little one since he decided the gym was really a playground.

I am just about finished with the IPod cozy. I will felt it tonight. I really wish I could have done it in the round but I didn't have large enough dpns. I had double stranded the wool so I was doing it on 13s. It looks pretty good though. I took the principles of the construction of a bag done in the round and adapted it to flat knitting. It is not as smooth looking and it took more sewing than I like, but I think once it is felted you won't see a difference.

I am very excited because according to UPS my cotton chenille should be arriving today, so I will start the washcloth tonight and use it as the swatch for the towel.

I did work on Sonnet a bit. I really love this yarn. It is Bernat's Satin in Sable. It really is one of the best feeling acrylics I have ever worked with. It's very smooth and soft, but it holds a stitch really well.