Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Day in the Life

Elisa did a "day in the life" post a few days ago and she invited others to do the same. Lord knows I've sold enough of those Day in the Life... books I figured what the hell.

My day begins at 7:30 by taking Avery on the bus to school. Ian and Rinaldo head in a different direction.
If you are a parent you know that it is simply par for the course when on the bus trip your child says to you, "hey mom can we buy something for today's writing celebration"? Which leads to an emergency trip to the Bodega:

Once Avery is all square away and dropped at school, I head to the D train:
While I ride the train I knit and watch my Ipod. Typically on weekday mornings I am watching General Hospital. Here poor Alan Quatermaine prepares to breathe his last:
Finally we get to the Village and I walk to work. There's construction going on but there's a sign to let you know my store is there:
That's Rinaldo's store on the left there.

This is my office, where I spend far too much of my day:
...note the Starbucks on the desk. Here is where I make life and death decisions like should we return all of this book, do we need 20 or 25 of that poetry anthology, really is anyone going to buy that $295 Real Estate title?

I have my desk facing the door so when I look out I see these guys:

That's Tisha in the back and Gary in the front. The desk covered in coursepacks is Andrew's, unfortunately he was on Jury Duty at the time so no pictures of him:
At 4:30 I'm out of there and by 5:30 I'm back home again: